a targeted approach to flexibility
3 hour workshop
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Australia wide.

GMB Focused Flexibility 

Participants will learn how to use the AAA (Assess, Address, Apply) Framework to improve and sustain their flexibility needs. They will assess themselves using the FF BAP (Basic Assessment Positions), identifying which areas need to be addressed first. Participants will learn stretches that address their flexibility needs using FF protocol. They will be able to apply their flexibility work directly to GMB locomotion forms (Bear, Monkey, Frogger) during the workshop, as an example of how to use their new ranges of motion  in order to better sustain their flexibility gains long term. 

The Focused Flexibility Workshop includes: basic assessments  for flexibility; FF protocol for stretching; 2 recommended stretches for each  assessment area; and a personalised take-home flexibility program. This engaging and fun workshop includes specific partner work.

The GMB Focused Flexibility (FF) program works because it uses a combination of both static and dynamic stretching, and most importantly it is easy to use. A simple assessment is provided to identify 2 keys areas to focus your flexibility work on, and 4 stretches that address those areas. These personalised stretch programs take 10-15 mins or less per day.

The GMB Focused Flexibility Workshop synchronises perfectly with the  GMB Focused Flexibility Online Program, where you will have access to a variety of specific routines that enable you to continue to modify your daily stretch practice as your flexibility needs change.

Here is one of many GMB flexibility routines:
Daily Shoulder Mobility Routine for Free and Unrestricted Movement


 GMB Focused Flexibility Workshop

regular price $129

GMB Focused Flexibility Workshop
GMB Focused Flexibility Online Program

This option includes the workshop at a discounted rate. You will also receive access to the comprehensive Focused Flexibility online program for life, packed with targeted exercises and routines, and includes any future programming material and updates!

regular price $229